Easy run

An easy run is not a workout, which means that it’s not a couple more things: it’s not structured or planned or focused on a certain pace. It’s also not broken into intervals. These thoughts help us turn to what an easy run is. the easy run is executed in a relaxed way with little conscious control. We just let the body run at the pace it wants to run. Like a raft on a river, we just float on the current. We don’t fight it. Sometimes floating the river is a placid and frankly kinda boring slow-as-heck experience, from beginning to end. Usually, the flow of the river begins pretty placidly, but picks up some steam as the body warms up. And then there are those days where the river – for whatever reason – is really pumping, and the raft ends up catching with a swift current, and we flow along the river at new paces. All of these runs are easy runs, regardless of pace – we aren’t fighting the run, we’re just rolling with it; that’s what makes it easy.

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1 kg of running

Running with the 7 C’s of success

46 years old marathoner and philosophy professor talk about Morris 7 C’s success. According to this philosophy, there are 7 keys to reach your own personal goals. Here are the 7 C‘s to success:

  • Clear Conception of what we want, a vivid vision, a goal clearly imagined
  • Strong Confidence that we can achieve our goal
  • Focused Concentration on what it takes to reach that goal
  • Stubborn Consistency in pursuing our vision, a determined persistence to achieve our goal
  • Emotional Commitment to the importance of what we’re doing
  • Good Character to guide us and keep us on a proper course
  • Capacity to enjoy the process along the way

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5 tips to become a better runner

  • run
  • run more
  • run even more
  • run even more than that
  • keep running

The most common running injuries

These articles give you a detail information for common running injuries.

Perfect pacing at Copenhagen half marathon

There were no fancy GPS gadgets, no racing plans, no structured training plans – just having fun. Enjoying at the beginning of the race, suffer in the second part and final sprint at the finish line. Great race and perfect split times from the first step and all the way to the finish line.

Running is simple

  • Just get out and run. Take it easy, take as many breaks as you need to.
  • Spend as much time for running as you want to, but keep your enthusiasm for the feature runs.
  • Enjoy your time, explore your area, find new routes, but respect the distance.
  • Try different speeds and find your own tempo, where you can run like this forever.
  • Give 5 minutes a day to make some push-ups, squats and various core training exercises.
  • Running is not a rocket science, don’t make it too complicated.

Physiotherapist tips for runners

Physiotherapist do see some trends with the runners who regularly get injured, so here are some pearls (of alleged wisdom) to help you through your run:

  • Just running will get you injured
  • Core stability exercises are essential
  • Focus on getting a strong BUM
  • Be assessed every time you buy a running shoe
  • If you have an area of your body that has pain due to an injury you’re carrying, you’ll probably give yourself a new injury on top of the first one!

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run by feel

What will you be thinking about during your next run?